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At Wiggins Building Solutions, we are trusted renovations contractors servicing Hamilton and the greater Waikato region. We work on all sizes and type of renovation. This includes:

  • Minor renovations – small renovation projects can still make a big difference to the usability and comfort of your home. We work on everything from making accessibility alterations to removing internal walls to building internal walls and more.
  • Modernisation projects – do you have an older property that you want to bring up to modern standards with modern electrics, modern plumbing, modern heating, and even a new layout. We can help at Wiggins Building Solutions.
  • Restorations – restoring period properties in Waikato is delicate work that requires skill and expert craftsmanship. This is what we offer at Wiggins Building Solutions. We’ll work closely with you and your architect to ensure your restoration project is completed properly and with care.
  • Alterations – if the layout of your home no longer suits the way you live or the needs of your family, we can change it. Alteration projects can completely transform homes, and we can transform yours too.
  • Additions – do you want to build an extension to your current home or build additional living space on your property? Maybe you want a carport or a garage? We can help with all this and more at Wiggins Building Solutions.
  • Conversions – our expertise includes garage conversions, outbuilding conversions, loft conversions, basement conversions, and more. With our help, you can extend the usable living space in your home.
  • Kitchen renovations – does your kitchen need a refresh? We can renovate your kitchen to create a room that you can again enjoy spending time in.
  • Bathroom renovations – we renovate bathrooms too, installing new showers, baths, sinks, toilets, bathroom units, heating, ventilation, and more.

To find out more about any of the above renovation services, please contact us today on 027 207 6977.

Experts in Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations in Hamilton and the Greater Waikato Region

Everyone knows your kitchen is the most important room in your house. Family life centres on what happens in the kitchen, and it’s much more than a place where food is prepared – or where food is accessed if you have teenagers in the house.

Your bathroom is important too. It should be functional, of course, but it should also be a room you feel comfortable in, a place where you can relax.

At Wiggins Building Solutions, we have extensive experience creating kitchens and bathrooms as described above. We offer bathroom and kitchen renovations in Hamilton as well as elsewhere in the wider Waikato region, plus our services are comprehensive.

This means we can help with everything including the design of your new kitchen and building custom units as well as installing all the required lighting, electrics, plumbing, and more.

So, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, please contact us.

Planning a Renovation Project? Call the Builders in Waikato and Hamilton, NZ You Can Trust

Renovation work can transform your home, making it more suitable for the way you live, and adding modern features. Our experience as renovation builders in Waikato and Hamilton, NZ includes the following:

Minor renovations

Renovation projects can be big or small, and we handle them all. Quality workmanship is, as always, guaranteed.

Major renovations

We can help if you have a more significant renovation too. This includes complete home transformations where every room is renovated.


If you have an old property and want to upgrade the electrics, plumbing, layout, etc, contact us at Wiggins Building Solutions. We are the builders in Waikato and Hamilton, NZ you can depend on for your home modernisation project.


As experienced builders in Waikato and Hamilton, NZ, we have the skills and expertise if you have an older property that you want to restore back to its original glory. We’ll modernise the essential elements while carefully ensuring any traditional features are maintained.


If the layout of your home doesn’t match with the way you currently live, or you need to adapt your house for one of the people who lives there, we can help at Wiggins Building Solutions.


With our extension building services, you can make your house bigger, add new features, and get the home of your dreams.


Do you have space in your home that is not being used as well as it could be? We specialise in garage, loft, outbuilding, and basement conversions, so we can transform your property. Contact us today to find out what is possible.


If you need a kitchen renovation builder and want to make sure the job is completed to the highest standard, contact us. We can help you design the kitchen, or we can use a design you already have. We’ll handle all aspects of the job too, including any custom carpentry that is required.


We offer bathroom renovation services as well. This includes removing your old bathroom, carrying out any repairs or plumbing/electrical upgrades that are required, and then installing your new bathroom.

Certified House Renovations Contractor in Ngaruawahia, Huntly, and the Wider Waikato Region

At Wiggins Building Solutions, house renovations are our specialty, with the service available in Hamilton, Ngaruawahia, Huntly, and other locations in the greater Waikato region.

Let’s have a chat about the renovation project you are planning. Call us today on 027 207 6977.

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