Experienced Builders in Hamilton, Waikato NZ

At Wiggins Building Solutions, we are the team you have been looking for. We are a family-owned business local to the Waikato area. We are Licenced Building Practitioners and members of Certified Builders NZ. Our expertise includes new homes, renovations, additions, alterations, maintenance building work, and light commercial build projects. You can also call us if you need DIY advice.

We work on all sizes of project, whatever the complexity. So, if you are looking for builders you can rely on in Waikato, Hamilton, Ngaruawahia, Huntly, or anywhere else in this part of NZ, contact us.


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Important FAQ

Reliable Builders in Waikato

    New Builds Expertise – the Builders in Waikato and Hamilton, NZ You Need

    If you are building a new home and need reliable and skilled builders, we are the team that can help. Here is what you can expect when you hire us as your builders in Waikato or Hamilton, NZ.

    Expert advice

    With our extensive experience, we’ll be able to give you advice at the start of your new build project. That advice can include options to ensure you stay within your budget while still getting the home you want.

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    Project management

    Effective project management is essential for all new build projects. It ensures the building work goes smoothly and keeps the project on time and within budget. It also means much fewer headaches for you.


    As experienced builders in Waikato and Hamilton, NZ, we know the importance of communication. After all, there is nothing worse than not knowing what is happening on-site and not being able to get hold of your builders. This won’t happen when you come to us.

    Subcontractor team

    The subcontractors we will use on your new build project will be highly skilled and reliable. We’ll only use subcontractors on your project that we have worked with before.

    Budget management

    Part of the project management service we offer involves ensuring the project stays within budget. We’ll do this while also ensuring you get the lowest prices from suppliers that we know and have a good relationship with.

    Schedule management

    Schedule management is a specialised skill on construction projects. As experienced builders in Waikato and Hamilton, NZ, we’ll make sure milestones are met to ensure your project finishes on time.

    Supplier management

    We’ll manage the suppliers on your building project too, including specialist suppliers working on a specific aspect of the project.


    Problems and issues will occur on your project – they always do on new builds. It’s how they are dealt with that sets apart the best builders in Waikato and Hamilton, NZ from the rest. When we encounter a bump on the road in your project, we’ll deal with it professionally, efficiently, and effectively.

    Quality control

    At Wiggins Building Solutions, quality control on your project starts on day one and is central to everything that we do.